In general,we can supply the precision forgings,free forgings and rolled rings.

The weight of precision forgings from us is 0.1kg-200kg.
The weight of free forgings from us is 1kg-30,000kg.
The diameter of the forged rings from us is 20mm-8000mm.
We are avaliable of kinds of precision forgings,hot precision forgings,cold precision forgings,drop forgings,open die forgings,free forgings,rolled forgings,rolled rings,forged rings,forged shafts,froged bars,forged axles,forged housings,forged sleeves,forged gears,etc.
We are a mechanical manufacturing+foreign trade company in China.We supply kinds of castings,forgings,
wheels,shafts,axles,flanges,rings,gears,sprockets,machining parts,turning parts,threading parts,milling parts,grinding parts,etc.

We are the expert supplier of mechanical parts since many years.Our products mainly export to Europe at the moment.

We always produce the products according to our customers’ drawings.Customer made is our core business.